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Anglo-Pol European Transport Ltd - 48 Cotswold Road | SS0 8AB Essex | phone no.: +44 1702343228

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Anglo-Pol European Transport Ltd specialises in shipping between Poland and the United Kingdom. Thanks to immense experience and wide logistical knowledge, they always provide their clients with high-standard services. No matter what route will be chosen, they will deliver the goods as soon as possible. In order to make your freight 100% safe, they can arrange a dedicated cargo insurance. Everyone may find out how much a particular shipping service will cost by asking the company for a free quote.


If you want to transport your freight to Poland really quickly, you can order express delivery in Anglo-Pol European Transport Ltd. However, you should keep in mind that this offer is available only when the maximum payload is 1100 kg and the number of Euro pallets does not exceed eight. It is because such a fast service can be performed with the use of vans, not lorries, and the regulations concerning smaller vehicles are less complicated. If your cargo is really huge, you are welcome to order shipping in a mega trailer or a road train.

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