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A sword stems from the Bronze Age, when metallurgy was invented. Throughout the centuries, it took various forms and sizes. The oldest exemplars have been found in Turkey and date to approximately 3300 BC. It was very common in the ancient and medieval times. The Greek and the Roman sword, namely xiphos and gladius (which later transformed into spatha), are the most recognizable ancient weapons in Europe. If you go to, you can find more information about them and, what is more, order their precise copies to find out how they really looked like and felt in hand. In sword shop called Special Replicas you can find a lot of ancient wheapons. You can even find a viking sword. Read more on

Blades from the ancient times

First swords appeared as early as in the twelfth century BC, but they started to be commonly used probably around the eighth century. The most well-known blades from the ancient times are Greek kopis, Roman gladius, Chinese dao and Persian acinaces. Later, in the Middle Ages, the blade became longer and thicker, what made a weapon more effective. In shop, there is, for instance, a Viking, Templar, Russian sword to buy online and many more.

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