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As a manufacturer of resin stickers, we ensure that the way the order to you will be the shortest and the least expensive. We can make for your project sticker or sticker with the model proposed by the State in an amount up to a million pieces. Our products are made of epoxy resin, which guarantees their high durability and excellent protection against scratches. On our website you will find all information about our offer, as well as the opportunity to contact us and arrange the details of the contract.

Resin Stickers

3D stickers are becoming more and more popular in various industries, because they constitute a cheap and effective marketing tool. Namely, if you put them on your products or commercial materials, consumers can remember your logo or other information, what makes it more possible that they will go back to your offer sometime. If you enter this website:, you will be able to choose any size and shape of your 3D stickers.

Complete offer: Art of Colour Ltd

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