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Bio ethanol fireplaces are one of the most innovative products when it comes to home decor. Not only they are supplying the house with the heat, but are also a beautiful decoration of every space they become a part of. Lovter is a website dedicated to demonstrating the many advantages of using those innovations and providing its users with the most recent information on the topic. The blog posts are focused on the regularly introduced designs of fireplaces, the types of fuel and their efficiency in heating the house.

Convenient bio ethanol fire

A bio ethanol fire is much more easy to ignite and extinguish which is why it is favoured by so many house owners all over the globe. It is not the best solution for a main source of heat, but works perfectly fine as an additional one. Lovter is in a partnership with Bionlov, a company which supplies quality bio ethanol in various capacities. The Swiss manufacturer makes sure the products offered in its online shop are suited to their customers' needs and serve as an efficient fuel for their fireplaces.

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