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Lybab AB - Förrådsvägen 4C | 181 41 Lidingö | phone no.: +46 0812132300

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Lybab offers services from a number of fields - carpentry, refurbishing, landscaping, construction, blacksmithing, garden and building maintenance and more. Their clients praise how versatile the company is and how meticulous in bringing projects to life. They use solid and reliable materials to ensure the longevity of the constructions. Their main area of operation is Lidingö, however, they also performed works in Stockholm and many other smaller cities and villages. Effective and affordable, the company quickly became a favourite in the region.


The company offers also the chance to work with an experienced carpenter from Lidingö. Such expert will help in designing and building various wooden constructions. They can either stand detached or be a part of a bigger structure or building. Choosing this professional guarantees the client, that the chosen materials will stand the test of time and look beautiful for a long while. The carpenter prepares a project following the commissioner's suggestions, and after receiving the green light, he begins working on the design.

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