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The builders of tiny houses ideal for holidays, allotment, or as a place for guests, know very well what solutions should the house have to make living comfortable and pleasant. Thanks to many years of experience, love for building, and providing people with the simplest and the best solutions the Tiny Smart House company is one of the most popular companies creating tiny houses on wheels. Thanks to them you will end up with a unique, innovative wooden house that will suit you and your lifestyle.

Tiny house builders

The passion for creating tiny houses was also born out of the love for wood. The Tiny Smart House company knows the advantages of this material, which is why working with it is a great pleasure for them. Wood is very durable and solid, you can create anything you want using it. The builders used wood both inside and outside the tiny house that is friendly to people and animals. Being in a wooden room has a great influence on our well-being and health. So let's think about a healthy house climate of the house that can be used all year round.

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