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Vakker Australia - 509/23-26 Station Street | Kogarah NS Sydney | phone no.: +61 0401909870

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Vakker Australia takes care of refreshing and of decorating various buildings in Sydney and its suburbs. They work both as residential and commercial painters, who are able to take on large projects, but also on smaller commissions. Their prices are fair and the services scrupulous, which is why they are so popular in the region. The many years of experience they have allows them to adequately plan their work and finish the projects on time. Each client can request a quote to get acquainted with the prices.

Commercial painters - Sydney

As commercial painters in Sydney they work on detached houses, but also on strata buildings, which may consists of individual homes or apartments. The employees offer their clients a professional assistance in choosing the materials and the colours. Since there are many different paints and protective substances on the market, such a support is appreciated by the customers. The employees of the company are qualified in decorating the interiors and the exteriors of the buildings, but also renovating the roof or the wooden patio.

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