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CodeConcept Sp. z o.o. - Toszecka 101 | 44-100 Gliwice | phone no.: +48 32 230 02 90

Company's description

Relevant software development companies should always provide their clients with reliable and ergonomic applications. This is how CodeConcept works. As they employ a versatile team of specialists, they are able to cooperate with customers of various branches. So far, they have prepared, for instance, an application based on GPS technology, which analyses bus tracks. What is more, they have also provided healthcare institutions with useful databases and diagnostic systems. Apart from that, they have programmed bus and train ticketing systems.

Software outsourcing

CodeConcept is one of the leading software outsourcing companies from Poland. As they have created a versatile and eloquent team, they can programme an application for a business partner of any industry. They are highly experienced in developing data processing and analysing software, as well as those which facilitate interaction between clients and the server. Moreover, they have also programmed ticketing machines for buses, trams or trains. As it can be noticed, their services can be used to enhance any kind of project.

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