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People who work in music and film production, but also individuals that simply want to create a memorable souvenir for their family and friends, will definitely appreciate cooperation with Printmasta. The company is known as a reliable manufacturer of optical discs and cassette tapes. They offer replication, duplication, but also the customisation of both the data storage solution and its packaging. The customers can send in their individual designs and decide what kind of graphic is going to decorate the CD or what images are going to be visible on the cover of the jewel case.

Cassette tape duplication

Besides manufacturing quality optical discs, Printmasta also deals in cassette tape duplication. This analogue data carrier is mostly used by music producers who want to make their projects seem more retro. Even though the cassette tape was an instant hit a couple of decades ago, not a lot of people currently still use the Walkman products or devices able to read them. Printmasta will not only take care of the duplication procedure, but also make sure the packaging looks attractive, by printing out the designs sent by the customer.

Complete offer: Cassette tape duplication

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