What's a Jam?

48h to save the world!


Creative Commons

Across the weekend, teams across the world share ideas, gather feedback and ultimately present a working idea on the Sunday. These ideas have been created by the many, for the many – it makes sense for all of the work produced, all across the world, to be opened up for creative commons.

This way, projects can keep developing, ideas strengthening and people connecting.

On the Sunday of the jam, all teams will upload their ideas (drawings, presentations, videos, poems, lyrics, apps … whatever they create) to Planet Jam – where they’ll be able to see the produce from all jams across the world.

Once a year, groups of people from all over the world assemble for one weekend to make a difference. They come to create, to collaborate and learn.

In one weekend, teams across the world will tackle current issues around sustainability, they’ll design new systems, products and services – they’ll work quickly, messily and excitedly. They’ll produce prototypes, test their ideas and iterate.

They’ll be in constant communication with teams across the globe, to share ideas, learnings and connections.  They are service designers, object designers, sustainability experts, professors, business people, teachers, hackers, makers, artists, students, kids, mums and grandpas.

They jam to create, connect and collaborate. To learn from each other, form new networks and make a difference. It’s an amazing movement to be a part of.

What is Circular and why is it important?

We live on one planet with limited resources, space and capacity to support our population. This is part of what some people call the sustainability challenge. At the moment we live with linear patterns of development. We take the resources, use what we want and then dispose of the waste. But the idea of waste is a design flaw.

Even if we reduce our impact we still need to create systems that reuse, or better restore, resources cradle-to-cradle and then find ways to continue those system within their limits. Its about systems involving water usage, biodiversity, renewable energy, money and people as well as materials.

But this is not about one company working in a closed loop, it is about everyone in society working together to move resources around in a way that most closely mimics nature. To meet this challenge we need people from all disciplines collaborating.

Together we want to design systems where the only output(s) are valuable resources for other systems.

Welcome to the Circular Jam!



2014 venue TBC...

We are currently searching for a wonderful Central London venue to hold our 2014 Jam. Please check back nearer the time to find out where we’ll be jamming this year!


Last year we jammed in the lovely Uscreates studio (pictured) – thank you!


Tickets for this year's jam will be available nearer the time- please check back soon!

What to expect!

Jams run from Friday evening (about a 6.30pm start) until Sunday afternoon (we round up at about 4pm).

They are a great place to meet new people, share ideas and network.

Each year, all jams worldwide work with the same theme in mind. It’s a broad theme, designed to get you thinking, but not to narrow you down (last year it was rather cryptic – ‘AB3’.) The wonderful thing is that the theme remains a secret until the Friday evening, when all creativity is let loose and you can start to ideate, draw, design, scribble and produce.

It’s a glorious weekend of learning and creating – you’ll get to try your hand at a whole heap of new methods and you’ll meet a bagful of wonderful, knowledgeable, talented and pure-hearted individuals. We cannot recommend it enough.

Tickets for the 2014 jam will be available nearer the time – please check back soon!



The Team

Our 2013 mentors were…


Mark Shayler – Tickety Boo

Mark Shayler hasn’t decided what he wants to do when he grows up but he has been working on developing better products and packaging since 1989.

He works with mahoosive clients like Coca Cola, Proctor and Gamble, Unilever, Mars, RS Components and some really small clients too.  He has used design to save his clients over £100 million. He designs product, packaging, and services.

He forecasts environmental and packaging trends, and works on innovation. He is author of “Do Disrupt: Change the status quo or become it” and is a founding partner of the Do Lectures.

He keeps ducks, chickens and children (but not against their will).


Dr Frank O’Connor

Frank was brought up in rural Ireland where his passion for environmental issues and their relationship with design began in 1988. Since then, Frank has worked in, or as a specialist advisor to, multinationals, SMEs, government organisations, higher education, third sector and NGOs. This has led to working on projects in over 20 countries, across Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas.

Frank recently resigned as Founding Director of the award winning Ecodesign Centre (EDC) to take a break, reflect and start afresh. 




Sven Segal – Po-Zu

Sven Segal is an award-winning ecopreneur and a sustainable shoe designer who founded Po-Zu in 2006; an ecological footwear brand that aims to maximize comfort and minimize waste.

His passion for eliminating unnecessary harmful substances combined with outer shoebox thinking led him to create an edible shoe cream, amongst other multifunctional and super friendly products.

Sven is hybrid-powered by treehugging, cycling, eco design challenges, and coconuts.


Olivia Sprinkel

Olivia Sprinkel is a sustainability communications consultant, specialising in sustainable brands, and with a particular focus on purpose and storytelling.

She has worked with companies including L’Oréal, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Reckitt Benckiser and GSK in developing their sustainability strategies and communications.

She is the author of the Creativist Manifesto, setting out an alternative to the default position we now have in society where we are designated as consumers.

She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and enjoys writing poetry.  




Miquel Ballester Salvà – Fairphone

Miquel is strategic designer with an eye that looks at how products can change and influence the behaviour of humans and lead to sustainable development.

He studied in Spain and the Netherlands, always linking product design to the construction of a better society. He is one of the protagonists of the inception of Fairphone as a social enterprise. Fairphone is a product-platform with a mission; a tool to reveal all of the social and environmental issues in the production, use and abuse of mobile phones and electronic devices in general, and co-design creative solutions with the stakeholders involved.

He enjoys cooking and long runs in the forest.



Menka Sanghvi

Menka is a philosopher turned social innovation geek. She is curious about how we would see the world if we took a step back and really expanded our minds and hearts.

In her work as a Partner at Reos Partners, she designs and delivers research, and facilitates diverse groups of people to look at their shared problems in a new light and come up with new solutions together. Over the past 10 years she has worked across sectors with business, government and civil society groups on all kinds of challenges – from climate change, to mental health and community resilience.

She is a big fan of the wisdom of sages, such as the Grand Master Oogway in Kung Fu Panda: “There are no accidents.”



And our 2013 organisers were…


Rob Maslin

Rob is founding Director of We All Design, where he is currently working on projects for the circular economy funded by Technology strategy Board.

Rob is also part of the steering committee for the resource revolution campaign and a visiting lecturer at Ravensbourne College.

Loves food, daydreaming and Arsenal.

t01  t03

Kirsty Joan Sinclair

Kirsty jumps between being described as a user experience designer, service designer and illustrator.

She’s the one with red hair, most probably scribbling away on a large piece of paper. She’s a fan of quick prototyping, in paper, code, lego or plasticine in order to test ideas as soon as you can form them.

Also a fan of train trips, baking and ceilidhs.

t01  t03

Sara Quagliani

Service Design Thinker, User Experience Designer, Jammer, she works as User ambassador in the telcom industry.

t01  t03

Llorenc O’Prey

By day, Llorenc helps organisations think about and improve their social impact through research.  By night, he undertakes a PhD exploring the role of digital technology in the design, delivery and evaluation of public services.

Other than that, he is most likely to be found in the company of family and friends, putting the world to rights with anyone who will listen, or in deep conversation with a book.

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Jonathan Pye-Finch

With a product design background Jonathan is now a budding service designer, interning at Fjord.

He sketches, he codes, he builds collaboratively to test, develop and realise ideas.

Travels by bicycle, loves dinner parties and is trying to learn french. If you’re a bicycle tourer go find him, he needs your input on a site he’s putting together!

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Jenni Parker

Jenni is a designer interested in social innovation and pushing the boundaries of ‘design’.

Since 2011 Jenni has been working as a consultant for non-profit organisations (such as the Nike Foundation, United Nations and BBC Media Action) in order to bring ‘design thinking’ into their process and to develop solutions through co-creation with users and other partners.

When she’s not busy working – and sometimes when she is – Jenni loves climbing, travelling, and dancing around her bedroom.

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Richard McMurray

Richard is from a construction, management and business background.

He has just finished his MDes Service Design course at Ravensbourne. His interest lies in designing and developing services that engage and create positive social impact both within and outside organisations. He has recently worked as a consultant for a charity to bring design thinking and app design to graduate career development.

He has spent time working at Barclays Bank with their customer experience team.

Richard loves travel, public speaking, Manchester United and jamming.

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Han Pham

Han creates engaging and sustainable  experiences for future cities.

She uses design research, psychology and service design to explores what will emerge when the digital meets the physical in tomorrow’s landscape and what this means for our schools to our streets.

Han plays with scientists, entrepreneurs, policymakers, makers, urban planners, wise youth and surprisingly youthful adults at Intel Labs Europe.

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Carmen Alía G. Ruiz

Mastered in Strategic Design at the European Institute of Design (IED) (Madrid, Spain) and Art Bachelor in Interior Architecture.

Worked for several years with big names of architecture and interior design such as A-cero and Tomás Alía developing managerial skills in the whole process of design. After finish the master, the European Institute of Design (IED) proposed her develop a design methodology for the business department and implement in several projects in collaboration with renowned companies of all kind the sectors.

Now she is spending some time in London commissioning creative services.



Our sponsors for 2013! Without them we wouldn't have been Jamming! So a big big thankyou!



The Design Special Interest Group, established by the Technology Strategy Board – the UK’s innovation agency, encourages and supports the better and earlier use of design in UK technology innovation. We do this by bringing together the UK design and technology innovation communities to reveal new ways of creating increased social, economic and environmental value through the early use of design in innovation. Membership of the Group is free.

We are the UK’s market leading supplier of waste and recycling containers and environmental garden products.

We design and install living walls, providing ecological systems in a closed loop service.



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